Energy saver for air conditioning systems

Air conditioning has a huge potential for efficiency improvements

Air conditioning is one of the largest energy consumers in the residential and industrial sector. Thousands of air conditioners put high demands on our electricity networks. On a smaller scale, air conditioning probably accounts for a significant part of your energy bill.

Most existing air conditioning units waste a significant part of the consumed electricity because they are not controlled in a smart way. They use old and quite inefficient technology. Although improved technology has become available in more expensive systems (e.g. inverter technology), the payback time of these systems is still very long and most of this technology is not suitable as an easy and economical aftermarket fit to existing systems.

Making these air conditioning systems more energy efficient is by far the quickest, most affordable and most effective way to reduce your CO2 emissions and lower your energy bill.

In the light of today’s energy problems, global warming and since older and not so advanced aircon systems will be in use for many more years in large numbers, we have analysed various existing energy saving techniques for air conditioning systems and reviewed plenty of earlier research. The conclusion was that detecting the system’s efficiency and switching the compressor accordingly is probably the only effective, pragmatic and economical measure to achieve a better energy efficiency. There is no „free lunch“ with any retrofit, but these savings come at no or only very small decreases in cooling comfort.

Often copied, never reached. The AIRCOSAVER is the genuine original that has been setting the standard in its product category ever since the introduction of the first AIRCOSAVER generation back in 2001.

Upgrade your A/C unit

Instead of investing a lot of money into an expensive new air conditioning system, there is an easy and affordable way to improve the energy efficiency of your existing unit: Upgrade it with an AIRCOSAVER.

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