Features & Benefits

  • Quick & easy to install
  • AIRCOSAVER continuously analyses how A/C unit and room interact and constantly adapts its parameters for best possible savings and comfort
  • Does not require maintenance
  • Separate versions for all main power supplies (230V, 110V, 24V) available for all common kinds of mains power supply.

Advanced software for savings & comfort

  • Optimized parameter settings for higher savings at no noticeable decrease in cooling comfort
  • Savings algorithm of the standard AIRCOSAVER optimised for systems up to 10 tons (please contact us for special versions for larger cooling systems)
  • AIRCOSAVER quickly understands the current cooling situations and constantly adapts to ensure best possible savings at full cooling comfort.

Cycle protection for your aircon unit

  • Improved anti short cycling protection and overall compressor protection
  • Protection against short and potentially damaging power outages

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