AIRCOSAVER, the Air Conditioning Energy Saver

Is your electricity bill killing you?


If you are living in a warm country, air conditioning is probably the largest energy consumer in your household or business. Quite likely, it will be the main cause for your painfully high electricity bill.

You now have 2 choices: 
  1. Throw out your current A/C and buy an expensive new system with the latest technology (for example inverter A/C) and hope that your electricity bill will go down.
  2. Upgrade your existing A/C unit to run more efficiently for the rest of its lifetime. 

Option 2 is where the AIRCOSAVER can help you. The AIRCOSAVER is a retrofit device that makes your old A/C more intelligent. Your A/C will run more efficiently and consume less energy during cooling.

AIRCOSAVER aircon energy saver. Air Conditioning Saver. AC Saver


  • is an electronic control unit that adds intelligence to simple air conditioning systems and improves their energy efficiency.
  • is proven & reliable with tens of thousands of AIRCOSAVERS installed since 2001. Check out some references.
  • achieves on average 20% energy savings, resulting in a short payback period.
  • is 100% engineered & manufactured in Germany to highest quality standards.

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