AIRCOSAVER aircon energy saver

AIRCOSAVER, the Air Conditioning Energy Saver

AIRCOSAVER - the air conditioning energy saver

Would you like to reduce your cooling costs?

  • Are you fed up with paying expensive electricity bills?
  • Are you looking for an intelligent retrofit solution that lowers your cooling costs?
  • Is a short payback time of usually 2 years or less an attractive proposition for you?

Then the AIRCOSAVER might be just the right solution for you!


AIRCOSAVER installation
  • is the intelligent control unit that adds intelligence to simple air conditioning systems and improves their energy efficiency.
  • is proven & reliable with many ten thousands of AIRCOSAVERS installed since 2001. Tested and installed successfully by various prestigious blue chip clients and leading authorities.
  • achieves on average 20% energy savings (often more, depending on local conditions) resulting in a short payback period.
  • is 100% engineered & manufactured in Germany to highest quality standards for best performance and reliability.
AIRCOSAVER aircon energy saver
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