AIRCOSAVER installation is simple and takes approximately 15-30 minutes (depending on local situations). A detailed step-by-step installation manual is provided with each AIRCOSAVER.

The AIRCOSAVER is designed to be installed into existing systems as an after market fit (retrofit). The AIRCOSAVER is NOT a DIY (do-it-yourself) solution. It should be installed by a qualified A/C technician or electrician.

For which systems is the AIRCOSAVER suitable?

An AIRCOSAVER is suitable for most residential and light commercial DX (direct expansion) AC systems, e.g. window units, wall-mounted units, single splits and small packaged units.

Where should you NOT install an AIRCOSAVER? The standard AIRCOSAVER is NOT suitable for

  • chilled water systems,
  • evaporative cooling systems,
  • inverter type split systems and
  • multi split systems.
  • Also, some Mitsubishi models (e.g. the Mr. Slim range) are NOT suitable for installation due to extensive built-in monitoring functions which can cause problems under some operating conditions.

Installation step-by-step

For clarity’s sake the images below illustrate the installation of an AIRCOSAVER into a small window unit. However, the installation steps are basically the same for many other types of aircon units. The AIRCOSAVER is suited for a wide range of air conditioning types such as single-split systems, packaged units or small central aircon units. In our „Support“ section your will find extended installation and demo guidelines.

AIRCOSAVER Installation, step 1
1. Provided material
AIRCOSAVER Installation, step 2
2. Additional required
AIRCOSAVER Installation, step 3
3. Disconnect power and
remove covers
AIRCOSAVER Installation, step 4
4. Find a suitable
AIRCOSAVER Installation, step 5
5. Check for wiring
AIRCOSAVER Installation, step 6
6. Interrupt compressor
(or compressor
switching wire.
This is the cable through
which the thermostat
tells the compressor
to run or stop.
Air Conditioning Energy Saver installation step 7
7. Route this switching
wire through the
AIRCOSAVER (i.e. the
logically in series with
the thermostat).
Connect power
Air Conditioning Energy Saver installation step 8
8. Position sensor in
supply air stream
AIRCOSAVER Aircon Energy Saver installation step 9
9. Position sensor in
supply air stream
AIRCOSAVER Aircon Energy Saver installation step 10
10. Replace covers

Congratulation! Installation is complete. Your AC system is ready to save energy.

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